My name is Taylor and all I want is to show you a good time.


I was raised in the outer fringes of Melbourne's eastern suburbs, surrounded by and odd combination of lush sub-tropical rain-forests and train station junkies.

I have had a wide array of professions, spanning from kids face painting to bar-tending, from administration to sex work. Finally I have found my passion - entertaining you! 


The various choices I have made throughout my life has certainly informed my unique flavour of story telling. Almost as a representation of my life, I like to mash together different performance formats, combining singing, burlesque and comedy, and I am always looking to expand my disciplines - perhaps something with puppets in the future? Who knows!

Height: 5"4

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Tattoos: Left Arm, Ribs, Calves and Right Hand

Bust: 98cm

Chest: 87cm

Waist: 85cm

Hips: 102cm

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Bradfield 1390-7medium.jpg

My family were very religious, and although this could be intense at times, they were loving and taught my sister and I everything there was to know about life and the world.

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 5 and died in 2009 when I was 13. My father was not far behind and died of a broken heart in 2010. I went on to live with family in country Victoria and was soon accepted into a Presbyterian all-girls boarding school.

I was rebellious at first but eventually settled into my new home. However, as soon as my feet hit the ground after high school graduation I dove head first into the sex industry.


Present day, I am but a humble administrator with grandiose dreams of bringing laughter to the masses. 

Highschool Education

Presbyterian Ladies College, Graduated 2014

Makeup Artist of the 2013 production of 1984

Chorus Line of the 2014 production of Guys and Dolls

Tertiary Education

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Monash University, Graduated 2018

Winner of the 2017 Excellence in Mixed Media Award

Member of the Monash Art Society

Other Education

Certificate IV in Wine Industry Operations

Certificate III in Business Administration


The Tickle Pit | Improv Workshop | 2018

Level 1

Level 2

Multiple Open Collaboration Nights

Brooklyn Runaways | Workshop | 2019

Choreography Training

Vocal Training

Bradfield 1390-46.jpg

Able to speak conversational French

Formal singing training

Pole dancing training for 5 years

Multiple accents and impersonations:

- Scottish

- Welsh

- Cockney English

- The Queen's English

- French

- Russian/Baltic

- South African

- Jersey/Upper New York

- Southern American

- Californian/Standard American