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I'm Taylor and I'm here to show you a good time!

I am a singer, comedian and burlesque performer based in Melbourne, Australia.

I've been around! The broad and varied experiences throughout my life have certainly informed unique and rich flavour of storytelling.

As a representation of my mish-mash of a life, I like to mish-mash together different performance formats, combining the disciplines I have already accrued, and I am always looking to expand to more - perhaps something with puppets in the future? Who knows!

I strut my distinctive performance style at venues all across Melbourne (and occasionally go on tour), so check out the "Upcoming Events" page to see where I'll be next, or submit an enquiry on the "Contact" page to book me for your next gig!


I was raised in the outer fringes of Melbourne's eastern suburbs, surrounded by an odd combination of lush sub-tropical rainforests and train station junkies.

My family were very religious, and although this could be intense at times, they were loving and taught my sister and I everything there was to know about life, the world and the people in it. We weren't rich, often eating baked beans for dinner multiple nights in a row and going hard-rubbish diving for toys and furniture, but we were happy.

We moved to country Victoria for a short stint and not long after that I was offered a scholarship into a Christian, all-girls boarding school.

I was rebellious at first but eventually settled into my new home. However, no sooner had I thrown off my school uniform on graduation day, I proceeded to throw the rest of my clothes of too and dove head first into the sex industry.

I dabbled in many other professions aside from sex work - from kids face-painting to administration. Finally, I found my passion - entertaining you! 


Present day, I am but a humble entertainer with grandiose dreams of bringing laughter and sauciness to the masses. 


The Tickle Pit | Improv Workshop | 2018

Level 1

Level 2

Multiple Open Collaboration Nights

Brooklyn Runaways | Workshop | 2019

Choreography Training

Vocal Training


Able to speak conversational French

Formal singing training

Pole dancing training for 5 years

Multiple accents and impersonations:

- Scottish

- Welsh

- Cockney English

- The Queen's English

- French

- Russian/Baltic

- South African

- Jersey/Upper New York

- Southern American

- Californian/Standard American

Costume design

Song composition

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