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Whilst I do dabble in straight up-and-down, no-nonsense burlesque, my particular twist on the decades-old art form is to add more than a healthy sprinkling of humour. In all my performance and writing, I think one of the most effective and interesting comedic effects is juxtaposition. What's more of a contrast than a gorgeous half naked girl on stage describing how mundane her breakfast was, or that time she accidentally kicked a baby, or all the other disgustingly awful things she's done in her life?

I have a passion for costume design and hand-make most of my garments, accessories and props.

I regularly perform and host events at Speakeasy Theatre,  Club Voltaire,  Howler Bar and The Butterfly Club, and many other venues across Melbourne.

Go to the "Upcoming Events" page to buy tickets for my next gig, or submit an enquiry on the "Contact" page to book me for your next event!

Booty shot
Can you see my breakfast?
Balloon Baby
I hope this chair is sturdy!
All dolled up
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