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"Taylor is a fiercely authentic performer, skillfully adept in so many aspects of performance and storytelling.  You can't help but leave feeling connected to her, while simultaneously being staggered by her wealth of talent and ease on stage.
A sultry voice that gives you chills and a wicked sense of humour borne through lived experiences; she is the perfect balance of sex, humour, and taboo while at all times keeping you safe and uplifted. 
Jump at the opportunity to see her perform; you surely won't forget nor regret it."


Director of David Butler Studio

Founding Member of Antipodes Theater Company


"Taylor's storytelling style is something to behold, she has a unique voice and can hold an audiences attention with ease. You can see the care and effort she puts into her writing and performance, her passion for the craft pours out of her when she is on stage. She very clearly has the gumption and drive that can often be hard to find in performers these days. For her, every performance is an opportunity to learn, to refine, to create something deeper.

While her humour might by some be considered edgy or crass, there is always a warmth and relatability to her work, trying to impart some meaning on her audience.

It is always a pleasure to see what she comes up with next."

Artistic Director
Owner of The Club Voltaire, Melbourne

"Make sure you see her show Skanktified before Netflix makes a special on this woman. It's risque, informative and highly enjoyable. 5 Stars. It will win some awards at the Comedy Festival for sure.

Even my non-theatre husband admitted to me that it was hilarious (and he is a tough critic). 

She's sexy, entertaining, educated, and funny as hell."

Artistic Director of Brooklyn Runaways Production Company
Founding Member of Antipodes Theater Company

"Taylor Bradfield is one of the last great readers of human emotion, and she capitalises upon this in more ways than almost any other artist performing today. She is able to use this single facet of her broad reaching talents to follow the mood, interest and emotional investments of an audience in order to take them on a journey of her choosing. As an MC she does this effortlessly due to her real interest and passion for the connection she has with her audience.

Her ability to journey an audience via her story telling in song and comedy is unparalleled.

She is a truly great artist in the making."

Owner of Speakeasy HQ Vaudeville Club, Melbourne

"Taylor was sick! I've had other toppys at events before, but she's the best! She did a handstand split on Darren's 60 year old dad - he almost spat out his drink. I've never seen that shit before. We are gonna hire her again for my mates 40th. She brings the party!"

Top Bloke
Some Dude at a Bucks Party, Frankston
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